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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Visual auditory and kinesthetic learning

Language is just another way of communication and learning - like the visual audio and kinesthetic that we talked about yesterday.
Here is the web source for the visual, auditory, kinesthetic learning style I talked about yesterday - VAK. I'm sure there are others. Many people learn in all three styles , but it is just an awareness to whatever works for you.
We also discussed briefly, as Adesola mentioned in the Induction to the course, that many people in the creative and cultural industries have learning conditions which affect reading and writing, such as dyslexia. There is support at the university. Also the more time you can give to completing the Tasks would be helpful, starting early is important.


  1. hey paula,
    i had a look at the VAK site, really insightful. as a member of an inclusive theatre company, we pull strength from learning in a VAK way as, you'v said, a lot of creative people have dyslexia, and find learning from a book difficult. so in this way we set up indiviual ways of retaining information.

    sarah c

  2. Thanks Sarah - I think I will do a bit more gathering of information on the topic for our group as it is important that individuals consider their multiple intelligences and different learning styles when they work.