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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Writing reportage style and critical thinking
a bit dry but also includes appendices!

we do a reportage style writing in the first person - but it is a creative style of writing
wordy - but the idea is that you are writing with a point of view - so there is a strong voice

It is also writing using reflection again if you have not looked MDX has lots of resources - worth a google

I also liked this link

Also remember critical thinking - this is about theorising your practice - so the ideas and literature need to be there

Adesola just mentioned this is the term to look up for Dance - brilliant!


  1. Thank you Paula, these have been really useful.

  2. Thank you Paula, this is very helpful! Having just read this, I think upon receiving my draft back from you I might have to include my own voice even more in the descriptive section of my analysis. Best, Lara