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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Appendices BAPP Arts

Appendices are extra additions to the ‘reportage’ style – so journal extracts – things form work – and you can explain them with more words not in the word count

you can use images and audio visual (you can upload these separately if needed)

here is an earlier blog repeated

Saturday, 28 April 2012


An appendix is just a section a that send of a report that gives the reader supporting information and evidence to explain something summarised in the text.

They do not go in the word count.

Here are some websites explaining them and other aspects of report structures.

As is said at Napier University


Appendices are materials you have referred to which are not essential for the reading of the report, and which could distract the reader from its logic. However, they need to accompany it so the reader can refer to them. Examples are tables, graphs, statistics, diagrams, which have been mentioned in the report. Appendices are numbered, for referencing in the text.

In the text of the things we do for BAPP(Arts) we can use hyperlinks within the digital text as well as saying (Appendix A) or (Appendix 1) for important materials we want to add. After the References, the Appendices are labeled at the topi of the page with Appendix A and then extracts are presented on this page... remember you can add visual illustrations and elements - cite any sources using the Harvard style. Usually, you do not add appendices or supporting evidence unless there is a purpose for doing so - and this purpose needs to be explained in the text. Use them sparingly because the reader can get exhausted if there are too many (this is where digital hyperlinks can have more because they do not interrupt the reader's flow.

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