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Monday, 18 April 2016

live theatre and GCSE debate


  1. Hi Paula, Really interesting post.... I can't imagine my GCSE's without those memories of going to watch the play/dance that you are studying! I find this really frightening. There's nothing like watching a live performance, I find it very conflicting... how are the arts supposed to be taught if the students cannot appreciate and understand a live performance? Surely the live aspect of theatre is the fundamental foundation of theatre itself?

    Is this the arts being undermined as an academic qualification.... again?....

    Interesting topic...


  2. Hi Paula, some really interesting stuff here! I know myself that without Drama and the Arts on the curriculum at school, I myself would have struggled. It's a life skill - building self confidence and being able to speak in front of your peers. Why would you want to disadvantage some children who find this as there release (possibly the majority rather than the minority)

    And yes as Kayleigh has said above. Are the Arts being undermined as an academic qualification?

    As for not going to see live theatre. Well I don't know how students will appreciate it fully from a screen and again is this education relaying too much on the technology that is available today?

    Interesting stuff!


  3. arts is not just about demonstrating it is about doing - arts is an academic qualification!!!

    See this link for the Arts and Humanities Research Council