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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Module 1 22nd Feb (Monday) session 8pm (repeated earlier 11am)

2nd WEEK of 22nd February MONDAY

Now given 2 times - earlier time of 11am for those who cannot make the 8pm.

Module1: Part 1 – Professional Communication Technologies 
Monday 22th February at 8 pm ONLINE in the BAPP Arts Meeting Room join this url There will be a post announcing this session on Paula’s blog. RSVP in the comments of the post on Paula’s blog. You will need headphones to use this system (any quality) – if problems occur will move to Skype for discussion.

Good for questions and to chat about what communication means for this part - it is not separate for the other parts - but there are some tasks suggested.

Sign up in comments or just come to the BAPP Arts Meeting Room online at 11am or 8pm.


  1. I will try and make it online for 8pm!

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  3. I'm struggling to log in. I have forgotten my user name.

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  5. Hey Paula,

    Is there anything I can catch up on from this session? Be interesting to hear about any points that were brought up. I'm currently still reading further and exploring on task 1b. I personally think looking at how Web 2.0 has and is currently changing society is particularly interesting in regards to things like education, relationships, equality. Also the thought of connectivity being a basic human right? It seems crazy but many professional and educational establishments require the use of devices and Internet now. If we are all to have a fair chance at life then I do believe it's a valid point if society has become this way inclined. What I'm currently thinking about is the concept of online marketing and online shopping. How businesses can buy advertisements on social media to increase sales and sell products online. It is hugely because of this, I believe, that several stores such as HMV close down. How has the printing industry (leaflets, posters, photos etc) and the retail industry been affected by this? I'd love to hear any comments made in the above :)