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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Thinking creatively - Module 3 analysis

I will try to add any points I have forgotten... but please refer to Reader 7 and Reader 6 for more on this - and the Reading Lists and e-books attached to each course

Don't forget to read

On BAPP Arts we have chosen a constructivist world view - so much of the research is qualitative although many do use mixed research methods 

1st - you are developing critical thinking here 

Stella Cottrell Critical thinking (she is in our library and a quick link below for a taster)

many use this to guide academic study 

2nd Research Analysis 

We do not always use all of the terms e.g. 'coding' for looking at the emerging findings and looking for common themes, themes that differ, and significant themes- or themes that stand out... BUT I find doing a matrix or using a grid to say - Participant A said this - Participant B said that... and then you can 'see' what people have said - you dod not need to transcribe all of your oral data - just the important points and the quotes you will use for evidence.

Some sample research literature sources to use for analysis - please refer to these to help you with your work!

Judith Bell is good online with university – go on library 

Doing Your Research Project

 Blaxter Hughes and Tight should be in our library and
I like Mason – in library in book form and – see link

In library in book form and Denscombe 


  1. Thanks for posting this Paula. The links at the end for the archived artefacts are really useful because I'd been tryign to find some and couldn't.


  2. Hi Paula,

    Thanks for these slides. I am currently planning my critical review and this has made things much clearer for me.


  3. Thanks very much, Paula. This blogpost is very helpful at the current stage of my inquiry.