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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Module 1 sessions for Part 3

Module 1 sessions for part 3

In this session - please look for blogs from: Lisa, Irini (am), Tom , Laura, Catharine, Jessica,  and Katrina (pm)- have I left anyone out?

For this session on Part 3 we talked about networking and the Critical Reflection assignment (which you can send in as a draft to your adviser for written feedback).

We talked about interviews and auditions - and this led into a discussion about networks. Good to look at Reader 3 and the Reading List for this part.

First we took one of the ideas - from Lave and Wenger (1991) in the Reader - and discussed how Wenger went further to theorise about communities of practice.

Important ideas here - about legitimate peripheral participation - so when you start as a 'novice' in a group you have to learn how to do things and how that group operates - in the am we talked about how temporary jobs - like catering - are a form of community of practice (CoP)

Here is a good overall link form infer

Wenger has a current website

We looked at a few of the diagrams in Wenger's 1998 book talking about how communities have (p. 73).

  • joint enterprise 
  • mutual engagement
  • shared repertoire


how in communities you go from participation to reification - when ideas are formed and then put into writing - then things change and the process repeats itself  (p. 63)

it is here on the link after the peripheral participation diagram

This was just an example of how theory be used to understand practice - so when you are thinking about your own groups/networks - try drawing out some circles and noting who you know - and what you have in common e.g. joint enterprise - are you doing something together (an event), mutual engagement - working to create something together, shared repertoire - things that everyone in the group understands as the way to do things!

Check out this archived blog!

Just found this link for networks - love the graphics...

On the BAPP Arts programme we do not give extensions except when individuals have dyslexia reports (I need to have these on record so send if that is the case with yourself) - however - please note - some people who started late on BAPP Arts because of significant problems beyond their control will be given an alternative submission time for this study period only - I will contact those individuals. Otherwise - please discuss the need to defer with your adviser...

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