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Friday, 30 November 2012

DRAFT Advice on Module 2 draft plan DUE NOW

Right... the plan is about the thinking you have done this study period and a document (reportage and essay style) that outlines what you are going to do for your inquiry and why.


The professional inquiry incorporates a practitioner research project and how this is embedded into your own practice, so your plan should represent how you propose to do this in Module 3

this is the outline - primarily - to use

Title of Inquiry 

 - this is a working title - often it is similar to your main inquiry questions
Context of the Inquiry – why it is important and who will benefit. 

  what is your work role, how does your practitioner research relate to what  you do?  You may need to restate what you have explained in blogs to set the scene for your plan/proposal
What are the Inquiry Questions / Objectives 

 (+ did you have any overall aims of this body of work?)          
Literature and Publicly available Ideas – what is already known about the topic of your inquiry? 

   so your 3 examples explained if they apply to your inquiry and where you hope to find more information / data about your topic/inquiry question   - so you lack academic examples? did you find specific journals or websites such as Dance UK helpful?    
Inquiry tools that you will use and why (based on your review of pilots conducted with SIGs) 

   so the methods you will use - interview, survey, focus group, observation  inc participant observation from your journal entries - what did you try out ? did your pilots/trials of the tools help in planning your inquiry? who will you talk to ? why and how have you chosen people?  did you get any good advise form others on BAPP about this process?    BE SPECIFIC - you should have gotten permission  for your employer to carry out the practitioner research and in many cases contacted people who will be participating 
Approach to analysis of information you will collect in the inquiry 

 - if you are doing a survey and and interview - how will you analyse these methods - review Reader 6 and online resources - how will this analysis relate back to your own practice - will you be doing an intervention? a workshop? applying to something?      
Ethical practice in your inquiry 

 - how will you consider this in your workplace and with the people who participated in your practitioner research  - be specific  - you can refer to your ethics form       
Resources needed 

 time, travel, books, will someone else at work need to cover for you?          

  a timeframe to guide you for the study period - time goes quickly for this if you are going straight onto the inquiry so doing this will ensure          

what do you hope to get out of the inquiry? Any points to summarise?

You also need to submit your CRITICAL REFLECTION which should be blogged and 
included as Appendix.

 this is your personal/professional point of view so you can talk about you and your practice

Submit your Professional Inquiry Forms (2 this year – they are up on the Libguide under Module 2 tab)
1. the Awards Title and Ethics and 2. a separate Employer Support form that you need to print out – get signed – and rescan for your digital submission – we sign the university signatures. 

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