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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Catching up this week - its time - update 6th November (Election day in the USA)

This week I will try to be catching up with all the tasks I have not done yet. I must admit not having Avni helping as much has taken more of my time. Apologies for any late administrative tasks. 

UVAC- Last week we went to the UVAC annual conference and Alan, Joanna and I were able to present our work about BAPP Arts with a 'Connectivity' theme (see below) Rosemary present with a learner and a member of staff from Tribal (in regards to their Early Years Inspectorate services) about their degree programme that Rosemary did last year.

Module 3 - Campus Session 2 for Module 3 went well - we had Victoria, Rhoda, Rozana, Tiffany, Alice, Sarah, and Lily in the pm and Hannah, Charlotte (B) and Corinda in the am session - so there should be blogs up form some of these people. Slides are up on this blog that we used during the session. I will be doing emails and looking at blogs today.

Module 1 -  I will be doing emails and looking at blogs today. 

Module 2 -  I will be doing emails and looking at blogs today.

My next tutorial days are Thursday and Friday this week - I need to catch up myself!

I am getting concerned about contacting people this term. The time goes so quickly but there are some who are on top of this and many who are not! Communication and working with others are important elements of the learning - and assessment in terms of engagement. Collectively let's try to get on top of this so that we can all be happy with the amount and the level of the work that we do. It is about the experience and delivery in difficult times (economic and the lack of time!).

All modules - my best advice is to make this week (Week 6 of the study period) the time that your evaluate where you are in the process and take action. FYI for my advisees - I am going on a trip  from the 7th -14th December - but will have internet contact for a good deal of that time - however - I will also be working before that to ensure everyone has the feedback that they need from me (feedback is not my doing the job). 

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