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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Campus Session 3 Module 3 Slideshare 21/11/12


  1. Paula
    Thank you for yesterday's campus session. It was very informative. I am clearer in my mind at understanding the process and was also reminded of the other elements that needed to be included in the write up that I'd completely forgotten about.
    These sessions are clearly valuable. Please thank Kate (apologies if the name is incorrect) for her input and reassurance.
    This seems to be a particular sensitive time for us on Module 3 and still need guidance as we take those all important steps in the writing up of the inquiry.
    I personally feel I need to communicate a little more with my adviser suring this write up time.
    An enormous thank you to all the advisers on our BAPP course.


  2. This was a real help Paula. I have been unable to attend the campus sessions due to work but always find your sildes of what was covered very helpful and clearly set out. I am embarking on my Analysis section of my review now and the points you have stated to cover are proving very useful.

    I think I will create a a 'Data Ananlysis Trinagle' for each major theme that occurs in my data (relating it to my insider-researcher undrstanding and to my literature and expertise from other practitioners) in order to help me structure my analysis of each important part of my findings.

    Thankyou again


  3. Great - yes - this is a challenging time because it is all bubbling up but I am always excited by the inquiries that have progressed to this stage. I think the next month will be very positive and I am now eager to get to my computer to read about what everyone is doing. Good luck everyone - keep blogging and take advantage of the feedback process form peers as well as advisers.