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Sunday, 18 November 2012

A call to arms? Speak up for arts in the Curriculum!!!

Just saw this article in the BBC education online about Benice McCabe's call for people to speak up for the need of cultural and creative subjects in the new curriculum!


  1. Thankyou Paula, I hope the government listen. I am sure the whole course will agree that Education is the key to cultural awareness in the UK. It reminds me of one of my quotes which I read in a piece of my key literature for my inquiry ; "Dance as Education towards a National Dance Culture." Peter Brinson argues that dance is a 'primitive response in each of us' and it should be nurtured and educated rather than ignored.

  2. Thank you Paula - An excellent article. I'm especailly glad to read the comment from the Department for Education. I can understand that she thinks that the arts will still be provided for by schools being able to offer art, music, dance and drama, but the point of the ebacc is that you study one subject which will give you an all round learning experience. By not incorporating the arts into the subject, you are not providing an 'all round' experience. schools won't put money into a subject that 'won't count'... which means the kids cultural life will be poorer as a result