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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Theatre blog's advice about arts management books


  1. Hi Paula. An interesting blog there. Something I am trying to find out is whether the theatre had a business plan. My guess is they didnt or it was based on the company that was there before with a similar show and was successful for 15 years. They own theatres all over the states and are a huge corporation so its an entirely different business to have based ours from. Plus being a new company we needed to win over the community first which takes time. We were brand new, the other comapany was well established. Without a solid business plan you cannot gain good investors something we had a problem with. This blog then led me to the Management and the Arts website where I found some resources that had aided me in thinking up more interview questions. I have also got the permission of the very first Managing Artistic Director for a phone interview. He was running the company at the very start till he got fired in May so I should be able to gain some interesting findings. My only problem with a phone interview is being unable to see his reactions and recording will have to be pen and paper.

  2. Thanks Laura - yes it seemed like a good site - it is usually about finding the right questions to ask...