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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Do you want to do well on the BA (Hons) degree

This is a question that is timely to ask in the fifth week of classes.

Minimal or sporadic engagement is listed in the success criteria in the failure category, so I am a bit surprised when people ask me at this point: What am I supposed to do? If you have any questions about what you are supposed to do, you need to contact your academic adviser and monitor their blog BUT you should also refer to your Module Handbooks and Readers up on the BAPP Libguide.

Using the social media to communicate and engage in your studies is a big part of this final year of your degree.

Please schedule in the time - look at the success criteria in your Module Handbook: Are you doing well?

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  1. Thank you Paula for that. but i think it depends on the individual. as a person i tend to think if ihave gained some knowlegde in what am doing and in some cases its all about me understanding what the module says despite its all written on the module hand book in black and white.

    secondly i think its the fear we have as individual if we are to pass or not or not to have the believe in ourselves that we can do this despite we have the support of our advisers.

  2. Akin - thank you - a good reply. Yes - it is all about motivation isn't it? There has to be a rationale for learning - and it is always difficult when an academic programme seems to be holding all the cards - but as students (I say we because I am a lifelong student) within Higher Education there is the factor of aligning the learning somewhat to set outcomes. As a person going into and oral examination this week - I somewhat have to shape my learning to fit into the criteria I have been given in order to satisfy the standards of the university. I am motivated and I want to do well - and hopefully I have gotten it right - but I would call it uncertainty instead of fear. I too have relied on an adviser to help point out what the words in the handbook say... it is not easy but we will get there in the end.