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Monday, 17 October 2011

Module 1 a piece that links Part 1 Web 2.0 and Part 2 Reflection?

I was not sure about putting this article forward as it was in a unconventional source that I came across, but I think Tim Berners-Lee talking about his reflections on the world wide web actually makes sense as we segway to this part of the module. He obviously has a social conscience about the phenomenon he created.

I will add to this any other professional sources that I find that might add to these updates about his hopes for the use of Web 2.0.

All the citation is included - please use this link to the Berners-Lee article.


  1. Hi Paula. Is there anyway you can email this document to me? I cannot download it from this website as my security thinks it contains a virus.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Ok Lily will do... thanks for asking.

  3. Thank you Paula! I found this really interesting to read. Unfortunately I cannot see third world countries gaining Internet access any time soon, seen as they still don't have the basic neccessities in life. He is clearly very passionate about the fact that access to the Worldwide Web is a neccessity, but unfortunately I cannot see this happening any time soon. Let's hope the web stays as open and accessible as it is today!

  4. Hi Paula, I also found this article really intersting, like Jo. Firstly I learned about Sir Tim Berners-Lee, that he is in fact british! How fantastic that the man who created the means in which we are now communicating for the BAPP degree, came from home. Without his invention, my taking part on the course wouldn't be possible. When he was talking about his reöigion he used the words 'self interrogation' which stuck out to me for this Reflection task. I am trying to self 'interrogate' with my reflective journal. I also noticed in his closing paragraph how he says he wanted to "foster creative interconnectivity, where people from all around the world can build something together." This instantly made me think of Wikipedia, how this has also grown from the ability of sharing and adding information to the site.