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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What is a WIKI?

What is a WIKI?

Simply put a wiki is just a shared document. Sharing a document can take many forms. In the workplace often several people add to a draft. Someone starts a document about something, a topic such as a Special Interest Group might be discussing. In this case, a WIKI is more of a discussion document. It can take a formal structure, or be more of a collection of words or pictures for a first draft that is later formalised by one or two authors. Generally, all the authors of the work would be acknowledged. People can work in different colours, or simply in the early stages put there initials at the end of sections.

A google wiki is very easy to make, it lives on googedocs, so is in a virtual space. The document can be closed or made public. The convenience of a public wiki is that you will not to give people ‘permission’ to work on the wiki.  The wiki can then put linked to a blog so that there is instant access…
Working with authors on a shared document takes the same sort of skills that commenting on blogs takes, and perhaps too many authors might be hard to then evolve into a later cohesive document. But it is also a going way to put up sections of writing that can then be responded to , more like a continuous chat.

For those working at a distance, you can add to this system through the use of skype chats for discussion on particuarly thrilling or tricky bits.
So try a google wiki in its various forms:
  • ·      A discussion document
  • ·      A continuous chat about particular issues
  • ·      A formal document you have shared with a few authors 
There is mention of wikis in the Reader 1 - how do your wikis compare to this theory? 

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