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Monday, 23 November 2009


Everyone- now is the time to write and post your Task D 'Finding your voice' and Task E 'Sharing comments'

Task D (3 x 500 words = 1500 words) is about learning to write in different styles - marketing, descriptive and academic. You can choose one thing to write about, something like an event, and write about it using the 3 styles... or you can use 3 different events... but like the Task C Kolb cycle - doing the same event might make it more straightforward to SEE... Avni has just sent you new directions to send this in by 6th January 2010... this gives you more time but my best advice is to GET STARTED. It is advisable to do the 3 different writing styles in 3 different Blogs.

Now - the game. The 1st 500 words of Task D using each style of writing should be posted in a Blog without your saying what kind of writing it is... people have already started so look around. Other professional practioners in BAPP can comment on which style they think you are using - and leave comments to help you refine the writing. After the first couple of comments it should be obvious what style it is - and your comments might be after this has been revealed - that is ok - then turn in the FINAL VERSION of the 3 Task D writing units for assessment - the ones you have edited because of comments.

Task E 'Sharing comments' is about collecting the comments/conversations you have had with people to help refine their 3 styles of writing. Conversations with peers are a part of any professional's routine, and most of us also work in teams that we rely on to steer what we do. These include critiques that point out what works and what doesn't - a form of feedback.

For Task E you use your own 3-5 critiques/comments about other people's Blog entries (written in an academic style) AND submit the BEST 3 comments/conversations that you have written as a part of this process for Task E (3 x 100 word). These are the ones that you remember - these are the conversations that made a difference... you need to make choices in this process...

Its a bit tricky but has direct links to professional practice. Sometimes we have to wordsmith our own marketing, sometimes we have to describe events, and writing academically is a skill that is worth having for artists and performers. The 7th December Campus Workshop at the Chickenshed is also there to help with this work - Adesola is planning an interactive piece abpout conversations... and I will be talking about this as it relates to writing.

Most of this is the programme handbook by the way. Get in touch with your Advisor if you need to get a grip on what you are supposed to do - and help each other - that is the name of the game... it is beginning to flow on the Blogs. Let's try to help everyone - and make sure everyone knows your Blog address...

Good Luck


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