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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

An article about Gloria Steinem - looking up ideas

Patience suggested I look at this news article:

Gloria Steinem Says Black Women 
‘Invented The Feminist Movement’
Alanna Vagianos Women’s Editor, The Huffington Post

the quote she liked was:

"When Tisdale asked Steinem what she would tell black women who said the feminist movement isn’t about them or doesn’t speak to them, Steinem replied, “I don’t say anything. I listen.” (Vagianos, 2015,online) 

so privileging experience... - yes sounds good for what we do on BAPP Arts.

Gloria is a big figure in women's history

Patience then started talking about intersectionality - which I needed to look up

and feminism (which I looked up and liked this clip)

If I were to use any of these ideas I would have to do some more research.... so finding what people are saying and who invented the ideas and why (the context for the ideas).

These 'social'  ideas started with this article about Gloria ... but I could take them further to underpin my thinking/analysis perhaps?

and beginning to think about feminism and theatre... - history - thinking about now?

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  1. Hi Paula
    I originally read this on Valentines day when it was posted. Since then I have looked at old copies of Ms Magazine. Great tag line "Ms, more than a magazine,a movement". I was a teenager in the 70's and knew I was living in interesting times, times of change. Whilst researching I found they chose the name because they didn't want it to have any marital reference, A Mr is always a Mr but a Ms can be anything. Amanda