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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Module 1 professional communication session discussion and slides 21.2.17

I thought the discussions today were excellent - please look at the following blogs to carry on the conversation... please help with new ideas for Reader 1!

Jessica D,  Ronnia,
 Emily -
Eleanor - 
Jess S
Kirsty, Lauren, Prodromos, Jennifer


  1. I have been quiet on Blogger the last few days because I've been working hostessing at the Business Travel Show, Olympia all day. However - The Skype session was still fresh in my mind - I was fortunate enough to sit in on the talks and a lot of the topics they were discussing coincided with what we touched on in terms of ethical issues... It made it really interesting for me to relate my professional practice to the business industry - it showed me that we are not a million worlds apart and the rise of technology has affected most sectors (if not all). More detailed blog to follow on my page if you care to read about the overlapping issues discussed in both our Skype and The Business Travel Show...

  2. Thank you Eleanor - everyone - on to Eleanor's blog for more conversation! The thing about these sessions is the currency - the issues that are out there now are the ones that will interest you for your final professional inquiry. Looking at your own practice is a 1st step - but having just attended a seminar yesterday by Nicolini - practice-based approach also much concentrate on the context - what is happening around the activity - ethical issues are incredibly important in the arts as professionals are now asked to 'speak' for themselves. I just put this article in a talk we are having in M3 and talked about in our last campus session - artists talking for themselves
    Gonzalo is speaking through his twitter