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Monday, 22 February 2016

Module 1 Professional Communication sessions 22.1.16

 Please note ADDED links

I was very impressed by today's discussions about the theme professional communication. A lot of people had done some very deliberate thinking about their work on the course and are already starting to see the value in journalling as a part of a more independent style of learning/working.

I will add links to other blogs when they appear, but thanks to Lauren, Lizzie, Lois-May, Chloe and Nora, and in the 2nd session Kristina, Charlotte and Victoria.

Please see below a slideshare about some of the themes discussed for professional communication and some summary notes about points people raised at the sessions.



  1. Great, really enjoyed going through the powerpoint. Thanks Paula

  2. Thank you for this it's good to recap the group discussion.

  3. Hi Paula,
    I found this link to an interesting article from the ISTD regarding social media in the dance world that might be useful to everyone.