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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Module 1 and the online CV

On the first day of the season I had some good conversations - with Bethany and Megan earlier in the day (on the BAPP Arts Meeting Room  site) and later with Chloe and Catherine. In theatre conversation Catherine reminded  us about putting the blogs out on blogger as well as Google + and we talked about the CV task in Module 1 - Catherine mentioned Adesola had done a god 'thought' blog about the CV - and Chloe could find it through the tags on Adesola's blog. Catherine also said she had had some good online conversations with pope about what they put up and how they actually devise CVs. Hopefully there will be more of these conversations...

So that is some of the gossip...on to the CV part - just some thoughts....

The online CV is a place that is used to collect your thoughts about who you are and where you are now. Often in the experienced practitioner route it is used with a job description to to begin a reflective process about learning that you might have accrued from your experience - so it is a short hand for your professional growth over a period of time.

The online version of the 'CV' is your introduction to others - on the course and beyond - of your professional learning persona - the digital scholar ( (Weller) version of you.

On the blogs there is generally a template - but other than that it is up to you - what do you want to say? This is a public blog - so Catherine mentioned authenticity of the information! and you are probably putting your best foot forward! (so positive of what you have done not what you have not done!).

You can connect it to professional sites if that is appropriate.

The small written section and you photo say who you are and briefly describe some highlights about this learning persona. You can put up version of a professional CV if putting up the online version has made you think about other online of professional CVs  - but you do not have to put up details (they can be redacted - blacked out - or removed - as needed). You could link us to a CV on Google docs - or several CVs as Catherine pointed out - some of the discussions might lead to the types of CVs that people have or the purposes on the CV.

Many of been taught how to do CVs - but as life is continually changing so the CVs and even you introduction on the blog might change. This is a snapshot of you or me.

I did some workshops about CVs, several years ago now, with our own Employability and academic staff with 2nd year and finalist in creative subjects - these were interesting because some people had CVs (shorthand for identities) that they revised often and purposefully put up all of their recent  professional work - and others found it was even difficult to look at their CVs - it was not a fun job to revise older CVs but more of a chore...

I often think about that and wonder where I am in those two polarities!

I have come to the point where I think doing the CV has to be a positive thing... and it does not just have to be on paper - putting up audio-visual and visual makes sense online.

When I was working on project with digital editors - I was told education on the CV was not as important as the jobs people had done - so people go jobs form jobs - not education. It does not sound like this is the case with performance - what do you think?

CVs or the idea of telling someone els about us and our professional lives count and some of the ABCs - we can do this exercise over and over again and it will always be different. That is the beauty of it - in a succinct snapshot (that can change as you do) who are you?

Here are some rather random examples that I hope others can add to:


  1. Really interesting to read about Cvs Im going to be looking at those examples now and compare them to my own, Im going to be looking at the layouts in particular because thats what I find the hardest to decide, Thanks Paula.

  2. Hi Paula. A really interesting point about whether you get jobs from education or from previous job experience. It is something I want to consider further as I often think about what is more beneficial for me as a performer, would further training get me the work that I would like or do I need to continue working to gain the recognition I need for further work. I think training is obviously I really important base but I think for certain jobs it really helps what work experience you have. Thank you for bringing up the discussion.

  3. Hi Paula, you have made so really interesting observations, some of which I hadn't even considered before! I'm looking forward to looking at the examples and making a comparison to mine own.

  4. Thanks Lois-May Chloe and Skye. Also looking forward to see the blogs and examples.