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Monday, 22 February 2016

Beyonce's Clock article - managing time?

Time management is always a problem for me - I have to have what I call set-ways form task to task - especially if they include thinking... I came across this article today by Beth Rose,

rose has reported that Beyonce puts it down to self sacrifice and hard work.

However I liked Stacie Powells' advice:  'Compartmentalise: If you're going to be doing something do that and don't think of the million other tasks you've got to do that day.'


  1. Thanks for sharing, Paula. This really resonates with me. I have to really force myself to compartmentalize though! Especially with our oversaturation of information, there are so many things that catch my attention and then I go off on a tangent ... (kid in the candy store alert) :D

  2. Well - over dinner tonight when I mentioned my blog - a young professional did pint out that Beyonce had a team of people helping her - and that made me feel a bit better... compartmentalising and clocking in the time - both are things I wish I were better at doing.

  3. Very true, I think we all wish we had Beyonce's team :)

  4. Thank you for sharing!
    This resonates with me as well - I feel delegating several tasks does help me and I am currently trying out dedicating different 'hats' I have on to different days.. hopefully this will bring me some more clarity and avoids distractions when working on all different tasks.