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Friday, 13 November 2015

20 Nov campus session ALL Modules

8th WEEK of 16th November

Announcing ALL Module campus session (Friday) 20th November 1- 4 pm.

Come to the Main Reception and I will come and get you. Call or Text 07799033978 if you are running late on the day.

We are in a room in the main College building at Hendon but we need my keycard to access.

The theme of the session will be:

The inquiry process: thinking about how to engage with the beginning, middle and ending.

We will look at thinking creatively.
We will look at project planning for the inquiry and beyond.
We will look at how you can set goals and achieve them.

Please everyone bring your own ideas to the table!!! If you have a process or author or idea that can help others plan and do creatively – bring these to share in this session!!

The ideas could come from performance – e.g. improvisation - any good exercises you use to develop this skill?

Visual arts? drawing? use of imagery?

The concept of flow? Homage to Daisuke...

Come with whatever you have – to be shared on the blogs and YouTube if we can film a bit to share!


  1. Hi Paula,

    Sadly I won't be able to make the session!! Sounds like a good one though, I will look out for blogs and catch up! Lisa

  2. Tom and Lara might come but we will check in with each other at 10am on Friday - we are discussing rescheduling as well - so please leave a comment if you are making the journey to Hendon! Bw

  3. Hi Paula

    I am afraid that I am unavailable also for today but I will be sure to watch out on the blogs! Looking forward to reading about what you guys discuss. Lily

  4. thanks Lily
    Three people came back to me – but it was decided to reschedule the campus session. I will announce the new date/time on my blog. If you have any ideas please let me know - the Lara, Tom and Lisa are discussing new dates/times if you want to join that conversation - just let me know.

    I will be online today at 1pm on the BAPP Arts Meeting (adobe connect/breeze) and Skype if anyone wants to touch base… I am on campus in Hendon if anyone does not get this message – and can meet for a tutorial.