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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Module 1 networking & critical reflection 18.11.15

blogs to look at for Module 1 session:
Alex, Sophie, Linda, Kayleigh, Cassie, Ami, Alice, Laura, Bethany!!!
Here is the slideshare we discussed on the 18/11/15 session...

ADDED BIT - please note the recordings we did at the end of the session! next time I might hide me and just look a the slides - but see what you think (?).


Module 1 online session 3 networking 18.11.15 from Paula Nottingham

The critical reflection is one part of the portfolio- 750-1000 words summarising the learning you have done during this time - synthesising the 3 'parts' about professional practice: communication, refection, networking... The supporting materials include evidence and illustrations form examples you have given in the summary - hyperlinks in the text are good but also choose about 5 examples to put in the appendices. Send a draft of this writing to your tutor for written feedback soon!

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