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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Trying out the BAPP Art Meeting Room on Adobe connect/ breeze

Bapp arts meeting room trial 28.9.15 from Paula Nottingham

A trial recording of the session - with permission


Paul from CAPE has added some advice when using non-uni Macs:

Hi Paula,

I’ve asked a couple of my Mac using colleagues to test this out and they have no problems with the add-in at all – when they click on it the add-in installs and reloads the meeting room automatically. We can’t seem to recreate the problem as Adobe Flash Player is allowed by default on our machines. We’re not sure why it isn’t enabled by default on yours. If Adobe Flash Player is blocked by your own settings you’ll have problems with some other websites as well. My colleague suggests switching to Firefox when using a Mac – hopefully this or Chrome will be set up properly and get around the problems.


Paul Smith


  1. This is great to know! i will be joining in on the next one which is scheduled but great tips as i have a mac so I will make note of all of these.

  2. Stephanie - some of the meetings are still on Skype - but you can always send me a time and date to try it out - another way to meet up and show things.

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