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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Championing the MDX Library - very important to your studies!

The Induction conversations have been great - nice to chat with everyone who is new to the course. If you do have any questions get in touch.

Remember I am trying out a new BAPP Arts Meeting Room on breeze on Monday the 28th - at 11am at 3pm or at 8pm - poke the button if you want to come in with user name and password but you can come in as a guest as well. It is just to try it out - everyone always asks - 'what are we doing the first day of term?' also as suggested in Induction talks - work on your blogs...

Championing the MDX Library - very important to your studies!

We have a number of people who support your studies. This is a blended course so you are invited to use the Hendon Library at a distance and in person... we went in on Monday to have a look. photocopying is now free and you can sign out a computer on the day if you do not have your laptop - bring your own earphones to listen to DVDs - you can watch DVDs in the library and sign them out if you will be back soon. Jamie suggested if you have a book you want to read to reserve it if you are coming from a distance to make sure it is there the day you come. The Performing Arts section bro books is on the first floor - other sections are also handy like cultural studies, education, management - signs are easy to follow.

When I was studying at University of Surrey - I used to come in for study days when I could - I found it useful - takes a bit of planning - today the online provision is much better than when I studied there BUT I would encourage you to make use of the library resources online and in person (if possible) during our time together.

Paul and Sid are getting your university student cards (different than the NUS card) - remember to bring them on the day you come to Hendon as yo will need a student card to get into the library.

Also - don't forget SCONOL which allows yo to go into other university libraries with your MDX student id.

Look on the module sites for more help accessing the library and other learning resources!

in the performing arts section 
audio-visual resources 
We might be getting a new librarian assigned to the IWBL - but we are really lucky to now have Jamie and Sian helping out as we start the year - both online and in person! 

Liaison Manager - Business School
Jamie Halstead 
Tel: 020 8411 5851

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