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Monday, 28 September 2015

Returning to studies - thanks everyone who participated in sessions - some advice from the collective!

Thanks again for everyone who participated in the induction sessions and the orientation sessions and now the breeze BAPP Arts Meeting Room sessions...

Thanks for sharing and the helpful questions.

A summary in brief:

Starting off after a break from studies - advice - look at the new materials/handbooks/MyUnihub links

Module 1 - the handbook has tasks to assist you - the first one is about the blog and creating a blog 'CV' or identity - remember that you do not have to put up person information that is on your professional CV - this is for your blog...

Look on the others blogs for their beginning blogs...

Module 2 - start with Handbooks - and now you do not have to know what you are going to do as a professional inquiry t the beginning of the module.

Module 3 - start with the update to send to your adviser (tutor) - writing this up now will help you find out where you are and often you can use this writing later on....

Check the calendar that is up on this blog and up on MyLearning BA Professional Practice Arts (135W99X) and put these in your diary. Final submission is the 7th January. Discuss self-deferrals with your academic tutor...
there are suggestions for formative feedback in the handbooks and at least one written feedback before you submit.
Peter Thomas slides and video up on your module site - talking about writing. Other folders should link you with university resources.
In the Library use Summon to search and the Library Guides to help explore your area of interest.

Suggestions from participants:

don't panic!
read your handbook
start wither blog - what did you do over the summer?
re-engage with SIGs check blogs regularly
don't be scared to connect with people
write down dates in your diary
re-direct you  university email
remember and put somewhere your IT user name and password - UniHelp if not working
Paul and Sid to help with student cards

It might be time to book a tutorial with your adviser (this year we are using the term academic tutor).

I will be sending out the sharing list soon via email and will add the Skype addresses used for these sessions.

Check Adesola's and others people's blogs about advice and experiences!!! Comment and add to the conversation...
This summer was my first time in New Hampshire - by the lakes.

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