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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Google Hang Out (and Skype) instructions - set it up for future meetings!

Google Hang Out Instructions 2014-15 BAPP Arts

My google address is

I could send the request for a text hangout to your email account which can be your  google email account or another account...

Ideally we can set put the ‘on air’ one like Skype … both are good for communicating on the programme but we have used Skype more – but the visuals on Skype (free one that is) are limited… to download Skype go to 
For Skype you need to download the Skype onto your computer  - then add contacts form the upper menu (I am paulanottingham London) and they need to accept you before you can talk. You want the free option so can chat and do video (not phone). On group calls only the audio works well, and sometimes when the connection is not good you might just want to turn the camera off - the video icon that is... 

We usually suggest a Google account for setting up a blog
You can also have a Google + account free.

Google Hangouts come in chat and ‘on air’ kind
I need your google+ account for the audio/video exchange
I would d like to do an on-air one – so ideally you would download the ap
Another email address for hangout within Google 

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