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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Campus Session 1 for Module 1 - about Part 1 - ADDED TO 12.10.14

MORE ON THIS TO GO UP - audio visual to go up shortly.

Here is what we did yesterday - the conversation has moved on since 2010 when Alan asked: 'Do Web based technologies enhance professional practice?'

PLEASE go to BAPPMDX YouTube for the presentation 

Campus Session 1 Module 1 Part 1  6_10_14

Campus Session 1 Module 1 – Part 1      6/10/14 (PN)


Introduction – discussion about Web 2.0 in 2014
·      Google as a locator and more…
·      health check on blogs so far…
·      relating the sessions and blog feedback to your point of view

Main part of the session –  ‘Homage to Alan Durrant’ Alan presented a similar question and exercise in 2010 – it will be interesting to see what has changed!

Introduce brief, Q&A, organise groups; undertake task with breaks; video presentations and 45 minute summaries; plenary.

How do the principles and practice of web-based communication support or challenge professional (arts-related) practice?

Establish the relevancy of the question… How does the question relate to Module 1?

1.    Develop a set of arguments to enable you to engage with the question. You may need to agree some definitions. The arguments should be discussed within the group and some agreed ideas developed. You may wish to prioritise your most important ideas. You may be left with unanswered question or equally persuasive arguments. You should develop and note these.

You might benefit from planning your time.

2.    Find evidence or rationales for the arguments you are developing. Evidence might emerge from a reading one of the sources made available for the session, from further searches online, or from your own experiences. If from your own experience, you will need to rationalise your arguments – your ‘point of view ‘what your present needs to make sense…

3.    Make a 5 minute presentation to the full group that should include a text based element on screen (e.g. PowerPoint, blog). It might include an audio-visual recoding and the use of other media or mediums including visuals. Note the copyright of the sources you have used. Within the time constraints, make the best use of the technologies and your own physical presence bearing in mind it will be made available to other students online.

4.    In addition, you should prepare to finish a 45 second oral presentation of your key arguments which we will film and post on the BAPPMDX YouTube channel.

5.    After the event, post your reflections on the event (text or audio-visual) with a focus on your learning and the learning of the others in your group – in a positive way - what went right and what could have been done differently? How does the question relate to your work on Module 1?

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  1. It was such an interesting day - my brain felt a bit fried afterwards though! It was lovely to meet some of the people on the course and realise that we're all pretty much in the same boat!
    Thank you!