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Friday, 22 February 2013

Campus Session 1 Module 3 22/2/13

Cs1 m3 22.5.12 from paulanottingham

We had a really good session today with Jo and Ahmet in the am and Hannah, Simone, Gemma and Luke in the pm. So follow their blog trail... great work! We will try to add more people on Skype next time so get in touch if you are interested in attending the next session via Skype.


  1. Thanks Paula for all the update on the campus session, I have made notes and already feel clearer. Watched the video on stress also very good.

  2. I have just had a go at the exercises you did in the campus sessions, and had a think about the discussion points and found this really useful. I am going to blog my thoughts now to help me hold on to the moments of clarity while they last!

    Thanks Paula.

  3. Thanks very much for this Paula - it really helps to be kept in the loop for those of us who are unable to attend all the campus sessions.

  4. There is also the idea of momentum here - ideas build up as you focus. Let your unconscious help you think - this is about interpretation - thinking about what is there and making sense of it - that is the analysis part. Also theorising arguments - it is not just a bout theories form experts telling you what to do but your seeing the ideas n the work that you do and adding to the discussion about how theory works in practice - sometimes abstracted ideas (concepts ) don't actually work that well when you actually try to put them to work!