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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Following casting sites for 'The Winslow Boy'

I googled information about the Winslow boy for Wendy Nottingham and was surprised to see all of the trade sites that are now to be found. Does anyone follow any of these?


  1. Hi Paula,
    I use several of these sites although not all - Whatsonstage is particularly useful for actors as they tend to announce all the upcoming seasons, which means you can research plays that are soon to be produced and see if there are any parts for you! Great to see Wendy is doing this...I will certainly be along to watch.
    As I am returning to the BAPP course after a break - I'm feeling slightly out of the loop. If you know of any students currently on module 3 who have similar interests to me I'd really appreciate you letting me know so I can get in touch and follow their blogs.
    Speak soon

  2. Stephanie - check out Pauline Hutton's blog for an and 'acting' topic - but there there are some excellent blogs out there - just get stuck in especially for the next 12-14 weeks - great to see you back to your studies and will be visiting your blog in future.

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