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Friday, 15 February 2013

Skype Interviews and preparation for feedback

I just saw this on the BBC news website - which I look at daily;

Skype interviews: Is it more tricky to be grilled by video?

It is about how to do well in a Skype interview so have a look because you might be doing one in the near future for work...

I also had a 'tutorial' session with Ahmet today, and he had prepared questions for me to help with during our time together. Ahmet actually books my time at regular intervals so that he has continuity and I also benefit from that as I have continuity. I also chatted to my colleague Ruth - who does professional practice for what is now the School of Health and Education at Middlesex - and she was also talking about preparing for tutorials with questions as a way of making the most out of the session.

So next time you contact me folks - prepare a list of 'things to do' and questions to work from.

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  1. Hi Paula,
    I found this really interesting as I recently did an audition via skype. As the article mentions, I found it difficult to try and stay engaged with the person I was speaking to - I kept getting distracted by myself in the corner of the screen.
    I may need to conduct some of the interviews for my inquiry via skype, so it will be interesting to see what the differences are. I am aware that I will have to be conscious of this when analysing my data, and perhaps have to work harder to make sure participants feel at ease during the interview.
    Looking forward to getting started with the course again!

  2. I was about to say, surely in the world of the Skype interview, us actors have it made. But judging by Stephanie's comment, that is not the case. A web based audition site called "Let it Cast" utilizes a downloaded video submission process. You are emailed the scene, you film the scene, you submit the seen.
    I understand the factors involved, logistics, cost etc.
    but some people will suffer by this practice.
    Some people come across better in the room than through a fibre optic, just as some actors have a great stage presence but the camera just doesn't love them.

  3. Joe, I am one of those people! I have always 'performed' (in terms of general presense, rather than on stage)better when I am speaking to someone face to face. I have rarely used Skype as I really hate the idea of someone being able to see me...and I too get very distracted by myself in the corner.
    I have however, recently recognised the benefits of skype and may well, in the future, have to be interviewed in this way. Maybe now is my oportunity to practise and become more at ease with the concept. I think for me, I should remember that everything, including the use of alot of new technology, is part of the learning process on this course.