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Friday, 1 March 2013

Where should I be now in the lwork for BAPP (Arts)?

The question I seem to be getting most now form people on the course is: 
Where should I be now in the coursework? 
(it is the third week - the week of February the 11th was the first week - 2 weeks at Easter are not counted - refer to the Calendar tab on the Libguide).

11Feb week 1
18 Feb week 2
25 Feb week 3
4th March week 4
11th March week 5
18th March week 6
25th March 7th week
1st April - EASTER - not counted - advisers not available if on holiday
8th April - EASTER - not counted
15th April 8th week
22nd April 9th week
29th April 10th week
7th May 11th week
13th May 12th week
20 May submission

The Module Handbook set out the criteria and requirements of the modules, so re-reading the handbook and perhaps scanning the Programme Handbook is a good place to start if things are not clear. 

There are in progression tasks/ or feedback in all the modules that help you keep  your pacing. Are you in front of or behind what your module handbook says? 

The Campus Sessions are 'think tank' progression devices - they are not just about being able to physically come to the campus - they are milestones in the coursework so the Campus Session can be used in your planning to see where you are and reschedule the work accordingly

Sharing your studies with colleagues is important - use the 'phone a friend' option (Natalie and I chatted last night to conquer some Eblogger problems) - or communicate via blogs, email, phone, FB, Skype - talk to others to clarify AFTER you have looked yourself and tried to make sense of where you are.  This course is about you going away with the skills to get work done - so it is not about only being 'told what to do'. 

For adviser 'tutorials' formulate questions for your adviser and ask them in a 'tutorial' or feedback session. 

So if you are scheduing work now and want to judge where you are in terms of progress - here are some examples - you might have others to add?

1. Ah! I am ahead of the game!  Great! I must be getting the hang of this...
2. Ah! I am a bit behind better catch up! I need to talk to others on the course, blog, and schedule a tutorial with my adviser
3. Ah! wow time has passed and I have not done anything - oh dear - better talk to my adviser to help schedule HOW TO catch up by putting more time into my coursework 
4. OR (this is usually by the 8th week or so if no work has been possible) think about my one self-deferral per module  - this is not indefinite - there is one self-deferral although we can discuss further action if you need to because we understand you are taking this course in the real world and the unexpected is always around the corner

Which are you? I think I am Number 2.... oh dear - better catch up!


  1. Thanks for this Paula. This is really useful as a reality check!
    Best Wishes,

  2. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for this, I am geting clearer about where I should be
    Best Wishes