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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Module 2 extract - Questions from Reader 4

Lily had the idea of gathering the self-managed questions to help frame her topic in a blog.

Also see below the questions to help think about your inquiry.

Questions from Reader 4

Are there any ideas from work based or organisational knowledge theories of learning that could be used to understand your own professional inquiry?

Do you work within a disciplinary context in the arts? Or is your situation more trans-disciplinary?

What do you know? How do you do it? Make a brief list of your competences and capabilities.

What knowledge and skills do you think you will need for the future?

What were some of the points in the reading that you will use to develop your topic?

What are some starting points that you might use for your questions?

Are there questions or comments or observations at this point?

What are your expectations about discussing these questions with the people with whom you work?

Can you ‘theorise’ your own worker-researcher position?

Can you find sources within your organisation, such as company policy papers or job descriptions that clarify how your relationship to the organisation will affect your inquiry?

How does your SIG compare to other groups or communities that you are a part of in the workplace?

How will you use your SIG?

How will you evidence the shared practice within you own professional inquiry process?


  1. Thanks Paula. I thought you had to answer these questions and post them to your blog or keep them in your notes. I appreciate the mention. :)

  2. Thanks Paula/Lily,

    I took some of the main questions that stuck out to me from the Reader and have tried to answer them, along with doing the handbook tasks. I wish there were more hours in the day to answer them as thoroughly as possible!!

    This is a great list though and I definitely will be using this when I have the time :)