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Friday, 26 March 2010

Activities 1, 2 and 7

OK - I needed to go back and have a look at the activites! I think I might have been a bit wooly on Activity 7 - please excuse me- but it is actually good advice to go back to the Handbook and the BAPP Guidelines to make sure. I tend to 'create' different assignments and greatly benefit from re-looking at the nuts and bolts of what is required. I mentioned this in terms of jobs and company policies in the workplace - we are all given them but sometimes they go in the drawer and we forget to refer to them. This is good practice for  referring to work related documents and making sure you know what it is you need to do.

Activity 1 Glossary p.18 of the Handbook - as Rosemary said good to add terms that crop up in your Research proposal...this is showing that you understand some basics for empirical research
Activity 2 Influences on the worker-researcher p. 22 (some of the issues are explained in the proceeding pages) there are most likely positives and tensions here - organisations can be like families - they always do things in certain ways that may or may not be the way you would do things
Activity 7 Designing an instrument for data collection p. 47 this is the critique of a an instrument -(this is the Activity that for some reason was not clear to e) - however, it would be most useful with this one to 'critique' and instrument that does have something to do with the research you will be doing... i.e. if you are doing focus groups for your methods - might be good to try sample focus group questions - however - this is not required.

WHO DID I DISCUSS THIS WITH AT A CAMPUS SESSION?  it sounds like your critique was ok.

These are compulsory - BUT the other activities will help you do , for example , the research proposal p.56 Your Research Proposal. I am now getting materials together for this for Tuesday.

Where should you be now - at least 3 learning blogs up ideally + keeping your more private one with 1. notes on learning journey and 2. evidence in the form of observations about work that you can add to your proposal OR your report.



  1. Hi Paula am abit baffled about designing an instrument for my data based on my topic (How graphic design was introduced by mac) a bit unsure how i can approach that

  2. LANTERN - Activity 7 is about critiquing or analysing an example. Do please refer to the Handbook to get the assignment form the horses mouth - ALSO you heard Melissa's explanation today and she said it was on her BLOG.

    Otherwise get in touch directly if you need me to explain anything from my Blog in more detail. Details are on the Guidance notes.