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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Links for Athens and info at MDX library


I have been on the phone with Simon today at the libary web helpdesk...  I called the 0208 411 6060 number for help.

1. The library sign in wants as your Username the ITuser  number - it would have been on the little white card you were sent OR at the beginning of your mdx email account... HOWEVER if you do not know it - email Avni and she can get it for you... 

2. The default password is mdx(your student number)(date of birth) - this can be changed to something simpler by calling the webhelp desk and gettinig them to change it. There is a text number as well - they only work M-F so if you leave a message on the week-end they will answer the messages M-F.

Alys has also pointed out another possible problem on a quick chat we were having... "i figured out the problem (you may wan tto point this out to people) when we try to log in to athens it wont accept so we have to go to alternative log in, then select university, middlesex, then go to middlesex university and log in through there!"

Hope that helps! By the way, thanks Rosina for posting earlier on this procedure. Sorry for any delays or problems and all for the pursuit of knowledge!

More info and help from Librarians at MDX... Please keep trying to get to the library resources.

Go here for  ATHENS and other info.

Learning resources website

Vanessa and Naslin have puit together other info - info for study skills etc.

Library subject guides

Leave me comments if you have not been able to get through to the LIBRARY and we will help.

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