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Monday, 2 March 2015

Week 3 - time flies - sites for catching up with the news

I will be swinging along the blogs today and tomorrow - I know from a few visits that people have some great posts up.

I was just looking at the Women of the World Festival at the South Bank Centre in London to check out events - okay a bit late... but it does show some of the trends/issues being discussed now.

I also often read the news - mainly online - to give me ideas - and I know some of the rest of you do as well.

I also look at some of the american news

What are some other good news sites that are good to look at?


  1. For arts related news I find The Stage, What's On Stage and Danceweb are good sources of information.

  2. I'm heading down to the Women of the World festival at the Southbank on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully it will give me food for thought, a good blog maybe :)

  3. Thanks both - sources of current info so important - especially for those who are looking for a change or a job! - love to hear about WOW Lisa.

  4. Thank you Paula, this is very helpful.

  5. I used The Day for quick easy updates on news. It is meant for students, so it is easy to read and provides some good food for thought.


  6. I read and watch the news on my phone, its perfect for being on the go. I have the app for BBC, Sky and the Guardian. I especially love Sky as throughout the day the have a updated video of all the headlines.

  7. The Day - will have a look - yes mobile or tablet - 24/7 and global

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