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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tim Berners-Lee -- reflecting on his practice - Module 1

As a segway into reflective practice - her is a video link form Tim Berniers-Lee from the Guardian - he is talking about the web - looking at 'what he did right'.


  1. This is great Paula, it ties into the development work I have been doing with my actors during rehearsals. Tim talks about the steps he took to get the internet off the ground - all of these steps - training people to use the internet and so forth are practical and solution focused. He doesn't say 'I am a bad person, I failed' he indentifies the issue and resolution. I have been looking at coached and self- reflection with my actors, establishing where they are, where they need to go and what tools they will need to get there. There was an issue that arises in both the self and individual reflections, people are quick to criticise and pick on their mistakes but are often unable to see them as areas for improvement rather than personal failings. I had lots of comments along the lines of 'I am a bad actor, I have a limited range'. I have been doing some work with group on changing lanaguage and breaking problems into workable steps - so the above comment becomes 'I feel I need more range as an actor' from there we can establish the characters they normally play, the characters they'd like to play and explore the tools they need to get there. For example - Taking a movement class to improve physical range or listening to podcasts for accent work. This shift in thinking has helped to break down some blocks and create more positive attitudes in the rehearsal room - making it easier for creativity to flow. Which is interesting because I think we are inclined to think lists and procedure stop creativity!

    1. I think it is a great thing that you are doing there Kim. For me personally I find it really easy to be negative with regards to myself and own self belief however when it comes to others I only tend to see the positives. I think I need to adopt your way of thinking and just look at things from a slightly different angle when it comes to myself sometimes. Great work. Thank you. PMA all the way!