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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Gourlay on web 'utopia' - also the art of scanning and skimming

I saw this paper presented by Gourlay
The digital university, critique and utopian fantasies
Gourlay Lesley, Institute of Education, UK

It talks about how uses the web and technology could be seen as a 'utopia' - these are sort of made up worlds - but in the end technology is neither all good - or all evil!

If the idea interests you...

Just scan the paper below on the link but before you do think about how to read the piece quickly for meaning.

Scanning means quickly looking at a source but not reading line but line - so you get the 'just' of the critical thinking - the 'academic argument' or the point of view - it is what I sometimes refer to as 'shopping'

Scanning and skimming techniques allow you to see if the source is something to spend more time with...

here is the paper about the web...

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