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Thursday, 20 November 2014

More archived BAPP Arts blogs

I have added more archive blogs to the list - below and in the original blog - just remember to come to my blog and search 'blogs' and the label will take you to the links - some of the older ones might be incomplete or no longer available - I have tried to only add blogs form those who completed the programme.

Archived BAPP Blogs May 2013

    Afi Agyeman
    Ahmet Ahmet
    Emily Arnold
    Kimberly Billman
    Luke Bohanna
    Jo Clarke
    Rebecca Clarke
    Charlotte Davies
    Daniel Day
    Kelly Everitt
    Simone Grandjean
    Paul Harris
    Pauline Hutton- not connected 
    Natalia Hyson
    Claire Johnas
    Joelyn Morrall
    John Nordon
    Nina Standen
    Danni Webber
    Hannah Zapala

Archived BAPP blogs Module 3 from May 2013
    Hayley Bence
    Emma Burkett
    Alice Chambers
    Rebecca Clarke
    Lily Corrigan
    Rozana Ghaffor
    Emma Hatton
    Jacob Hughes
    Sina Leigh
    Eleanor Mattley
    Michelle Moss
    Tiffany Newson
    Nina Nowacki
    Emily O'Shea
    Rhoda Parker
    Sarah Pearson
    Katharina Schell
    Stephanie Thomas
    Lisa Whyte

BAPP blogs Completed May 2012 mainly archives
    Emma Balaam
    Nicole Carman
    Sophie Douglas
    Verity Evans
    Amy Grimshaw
    Emily Harris
    Emma Hughes
    Aby Martin
    Mina Niikura
    Sonal Patel
    Amy Ruffell
    Pearl Scott
    Laura Sinigaglia
    Tanisha Thompson
    Leanne Watson
    Samantha Webber
    Laura Ann Wright

Completed Module 3 2013
    Patrick Abels
    Charlotte Asplin
    Natasha Arselan
    Mary Bance
    Alicia Beck
    Emily Brenchley
    Eithne Bryan
    Liam Conman
    Corinda Hall
    Adrian Harper
    Eloise Harris
    Jessica Hay
    Emily O'Keeffe
    Lizzie Wright

Blogs completed Jan 2012 - mainly archives
    Lisa Bird
    Amanda Black
    Ross Dunning
    Rebecca Gaskell
    Nikki McGowan
    Nicole Geddes
    Jo Gunnell
    Jess Hunt
    Mark Iles
    Alice Joynson
    Natalie Less
    Ceri Morgan
    Nicholas Norman
    Alana Shirley
    Ellie Sykes
    Laura Weir
    Stacey Wilson

BAPP Blogs for students who started September 2009 - mainly archives
    Rachel Adams
    Rosina Andrews
    Zoe Bellamy
    Laura Bentley
    Lauren Cambridge
    Lucy Clark
    Ellie Connolly
    Sarah Connolly
    Akinwunmi Davies
    Laura Davitt
    Amanda Doyle
    Stephanie Dye
    Melissa Dyer
    Sarah Edwards
    Danielle Eller
    Rebecca Gage
    Michael Gavas
    Sophie Gilbert
    Laura-Beth Hill
    Grace Hoy
    Lauren Jones
    Klara Kalvelage
    Zoe Kennedy
    Danyle Morris
    Ciera Mullan
    Joe Pegram
    Rosea Pickering
    Laura Quin
    Amal Salim
    Murat Shevket
    Danielle Stacey
    Katie Thomas
    Leanne Westbury
    Donna Wilkinson

    Abbi Williams


  1. This is really helpful for prepping for module 2 - thanks, Paula!

  2. Thank you, I have been working my way through these, they have given me a lot of food for thought.