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Monday, 3 November 2014

Campus Session 2 Module 1 29.10.14

Apologies for lateness... here is what we talked about from my view...

Mainly we are seg-waying into Part 2 Reflective Practice -

Attending - Lisa, Sarah and Lynn Terry - all might have blogs up already!!

1. Reviewed Part 1 - most had done some but not all of the tasks - tasks are not marked they are there to help guide the learning journey - you don't have to film yourself - you can use pictures and voice overs or text - up to you... I call them nouns - think about using people, places, things and events - always get permission if you put peoples photos up online

Also online remember your ethical practice - these are public so your writing up about what you do should keep in mind how others might view the blog posts...

2. Reviewed Part 2 - the reflective journal will be a place where you can put down things you might not be able to on the blog - write incidents - sometimes 'critical incidents' that are out of the ordinary - but it is amazing what we miss from looking at what we do on a daily/weekly basis. Sarah said that looking at her working form another point of view was helpful.

Look at the ideas/theories in Reader 2  - this goes with Part 2 - so ideas about learning using reflective practice - when you talk about the ideas - 'cite' who the ideas came from - so if an idea came form Schon - cite this using the Reader or even his own writing. The Bibliography of the Module Handbook shows things in Harvard style - you don't have to read all the sources - but follow up on any ideas that interest you through web research - you may feel compelled to look at some sources in there original state. The important thing is to find ways to look at your experience.

Again - searching - use key words to help Google - use Google Scholar and the Summon feature in the Library section on MyUnihub to investigate ideas that might inform your practice. Remember audio-visual sources.

2d is an important one - here you are beginning to think about what interests you - this is one you mint come back to for planning an inquiry in Module 2 - but don't worry about fixing any 1 area of interest now - this is just beginning to throw out your net to catch ideas...

3. For the later part of the session we had a bit of fun - we tried out using our senses for reflection.

SO  remember using all your senses - and think about how these inform your thinking - intelligence is not just cognitive writing - we express ourselves in many ways...

1. smelling unidentified smells - and seeing what they reminded us of EXAMPLES were popcorn, marmite, a beef stock cube, and lavender - all brought out different recollections and sensations

2. movement - we all improvised our morning routines - this was interesting as everyone acted in separate realms and yet there were links in what we were doing - and how we ends the routine - drinking tea or standing and eating - Lisa said heres is never the same - characterisation and movement - - well you all have had this in classes - but try it out using your own experiences...

3. touch - shaking hands - USA style - british Style- European style - all different - so cultural ideas go along with experience and sensation

4. scary story (homage and thanks to Adesola for this idea0 good for Halloween - you really do get caught up in the oral tradition - say a line and the next person follows this with more of the story - in this case with a horror theme...

5. visual - think about putting pictures in your journal - to describe experience or just for inspiration - I showed people an activity with pictures I have been doing with Inktober on my Instagram

we all said we would try to do this more - here is an example of just colours I took in class - I also talk a bit about composition and colour - but I will put that in another blog!!!

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