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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A big thank you to our new Student Reps for BAPP Arts 14-15

Many thanks to Lara Bärle and Danielle Tougher who have both volunteered to be student representative this year. 

Lara can be contacted at ((1 module term to start) 

Dani can be contacted on (14-15 +)

Chloe Polson-Davies has volunteered for the Chrysalis London group!! (14-15)

Please get in touch with these reps if you do have any questions that you would like to discuss anonymously and then they can collate and bring to us - and report to the Student Board for the university. Everyone has feedback to give directly at the end of module survey (and please send emails before that time) but this procedure is helpful to the whole programme and university.

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