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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Reading Lists and Writing

The Reading Lists for the Handbooks and Readers are on you MyLearning courses - so please look within these and see the section marked Reading List. You will already be in the uni system so can access the online books etc.

However - here are the links outside of that system - or just go to the library site and look for Reading lists.

I have taken other sources from the writing tab on the Libguide.

During your BAPP (Arts) programme you will be developing a range of writing and communication skills that look at academic and professional writing as well as the use of social media that includes visual and audio-visual elements. We encourage you to explore and experiment with the various types of communication that allow you to develop your critical thinking skills and articulate the knowledge and understanding you gain from undertaking the BAPP (Arts) professional practice modules. Your experience in trying out new ways of communicating will be key to developing and enriching your professional practice.
We have tried to add some links on this tab that will be useful to you. Here you can find sources for improving your writing skills and materials that give you guidance on aspects of academic/professional writing like Harvard Referencing. There is also a section on Harvard Referencing in your 2012-2013 Programme Handbook.
On the left - under the Birkbeck link - there are handouts that can be found under the various section such as 'essay-writing structure' and  'hedging' under the essay link ... also topics such as critical thinking... They might help you structure your writing. Remember out assignments are slightly different than generic 'essays' as they report on your inquiry and thinking through experience. 
Everyone - the link to the Stella Cottrell online version of study skills 'skills4studycampus'is through your MyUniHub. The pathway is:  myUniHub > My Study > Study Skills
In the autumn 2012 study period, you can attend a BAPP (Arts) writing workshop run by Peter Thomas from the Learning Development Unit. For those who cannot attend this, we will put up materials after the workshop. A PDF of the workshop that Peter gave last study period is available for your to look at using this link. Other resources cn be found inthe links to the left on this page...You can also visit the Learning Development site directly at