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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Blogging - some suggested topics

I saw this poster on the train and thought - yes that is a good idea...

I have to do a things to do list in my notebook or my head expands - see below a pictorial image of my head expanding.

I used to say when I was teaching visual art to "empty the bucket in your head'. Let the blog be somewhere you express yourself and tell others what you are doing - not all entires need to be directly related to the inquiry - have a bit of fun!

However her are the suggestions also about your work on the blogs that can be used as evidence for your degree work.

p. 11 M3 Handbook 13-14

• Updates on inquiry progress and sharing discoveries
• Reviews of campus sessions
• Commentary on discussions with your peers and SIGs
• Reflections on working collaboratively using social media
• A conversation with professional externals to the BAPP (Arts) network –
put up their thoughts or have them comment
• Thoughts about your artefact – what is it and who is your audience – is
it a product or a work in progress?
• An evaluation of your processes for doing the inquiry – i.e. the tools you
have used
• Summary of your main project findings in 100 words or less, what do
you think is the main benefit of your findings
• Critical reflection on your learning experience for Module 3.
• Thoughts and plans for your oral presentation

• Summary of your learning experience across the BAPP (Arts) course


  1. Thanks Paula thats really helpful! I think I can sometimes be worried about blogging in the way of creating formal writing but I like the idea that it is a place to 'empty the bucket on your head' when it is so easy to feel alone on this course.

    My literature is still consuming a lot of my time I was thinking that this could be ongoing reading in my time on public transport (thats a lot of time) and to just start writing. Do you think this is a good idea?

    Thanks Hollie

  2. hi paula, this is the bpost i was trying to comment on. Hopefully it will work this time. I think the post isreallyhelpful, itstotally true, if you dont get noting things down you will just forget them. I find it really stressful, so a ticklist or something. this is a way crosses over with my thing about making a career plan, in the same way as this is useful to keep on target, keeping lists and bullet points for the module helps me to keep on track. and im working my way through you bullet point as well as trying to catch up with my blog