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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Campus Session 3 all module What we did - Number 2

The question(s) were: 

What, if any, relevance does performance arts have in society? 

with a sub-question: Who supports the arts in today's England?

The point of the discussion was to develop the ideas - these basic notion could then 
1. allow you to reword the question to better affect
2. IMPORTANT - after a similar brainstorming session you could go to critical sources to see what evidence there was for various points of view. Critical sources are sources talking about the issues  - such as academic, professional bodies, government (policy. Some web research is like collecting documents, some is more critical because is gives a voice to experts who talk to the issues (these can be practitioners as well as those who do research about the topic). 
3. do some research about your own version of the questions - how you could craft a questions that related to your own professional practice

So when critically reflecting on this approach - think about the steps or 
1. having a question
2. brainstorming about what this means
3.taking the topic further through exploring what others in the various filed have said
4. Letting those voices inform your thinking

I wished I had time to type these up but here are my notes 

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