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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

PRESENTATIONS - less is more

The oral presentations are a great way to share your inquiry with others.

That has been important to you? What did you find out form your practitioner research into your topic? how has analysis or interpreting this been useful to your professional practice.

a rule of thumb is 1 slide per minute - so pacing with too much seems rushed
pictures say a lot
rehearsing is a good idea

another source I just found

this is you cast as your professional self... and others in your slot are the same

best of luck - BAPP Arts presentations are worth the wait...

Wendy Nottingham in The Winslow Boy


  1. Hi Paula,
    I love the source you found, the comedy part is really amusing and actually very useful.
    In your last email you mention not having time to present our entire artefact... would you expect the artefact to be an element of the presentation? I hadn't thought about including mine?!

    Maybe I need to rethink?


  2. Yep. This is certainly my experience. 27 Slides... way to much! Yet again, cut and refine!!!

  3. Danni, it mentions in the handbook aobut the artefact being used in the presentation

    "Your presentation should cover an introduction, evaluation of the inquiry tools, your main findings and the critical reflection of the whole process; bothe the critical review and the professional artefacgt can be used as content for your presentation."

  4. the link is really useful and the comedy aspect really makes it more accessible to understand. Ahmet 27 slides is definitely too many, but if you keep them simple, it could work. All presentations are going to be so different. I cannot wait to find out what everyone has been up to.

  5. I am not entirely sure how to assemble the inquiry in and one slide per Ms Nottingham suggested, rehearsal will definitely needed!