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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Advice on proofing and getting your work ready.

Advice on proofing and getting your work ready.

Here is a website from a university

here is one for preparing a dance presentation but I thought it had good advice e.g. don't wait until the last minute and eat a good breakfast.

I also like dancing in my head advice - this resonates for visual arts as well

Give yourself some space and time this week to prepare the work for submission.  The writing is probably completed or near to completion, but that final check through can be great to catch any last minute issues. Create some karma around the process so you don't address envelopes incorrectly or send to the wrong email address. Check the process at least once - so write it - wait a minute and look away  - and then check again and THEN send.

As I am taking the work in - the process is the same as the last study period so I have to take my own advice. I will try to send emails saying we have received your work on the day or the next day. You realise that if you send thing in the regular post to us - it will be digitised - so send the work recorded to me. We will have a new Moodle site in the Autumn hopefully the digital submissions will be more streamlined.

I wish everyone well during this period, try not to make it more stressful than it is... and give yourself a coffee or tea with a friend after you complete your submission to recover.

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