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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Going to the Library for continuing students

I have been reminding the continuing students about the MDX library at Trent Park for specialist books about acting and performance and dance and education (including research)- there are also the Cat HIll and Hendon campus libraries. If you are at Cat Hill anyway - the library is downstairs to the right of Reception. Cat Hill has specialist media and art books as well as research. (New students - we are planning more talks about the resources later in the programme).

For the Trent Park library - stop at Oakwood Tube Station (Piccadilly - one stop before Cat Hill) and take the MDX bus to the campus. The bus stop is to the left (the big plastic awning in front of the cake shop) after leaving the station - the bus is white with a MDX logo - it comes on the hour and every fifteen minutes. This happens on the way back from the bust stop where you get out on the Trent Park campus.

The library at Trent Park is in the Bevan Building - you walk down to the Mansion and walk past it to the right - down some stairs (by the sphynxes) and then toward the right and up a ramp for the entrance. TAKE your library card - and coin change if you need to photocopy - Many of the books are short-loan (7-day or 14-day return) so but you can turn them in at Cat Hill. The fines for late return are such that you might want to photocopy a chapter if needed to avoid the hassle of returning. You can renew online, however, but the library will probably email you on your official university email address.


You may want to plan the time by looking at  the LibGuide

One word from the wise - plan a visit if you are going to make one by making sure you have enough time. Rosie is the librarian at Trent Park - and if you think you need her to help you you may need to call to make sure she is there. She has listed on the LibGuide the Dewey decimal numbers under which the books are organised - 792s for theatre and 793s for dance, TV production is 302/384, and education 370s - go straight back to them and concentrate on the information you need for your project.

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