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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Continuing 3861 BAPP - dates for chapters for feedback

The dates listed for feedback are 19th Oct Chaps 1-3 and 16th November Chaps 4-6. I thought it was later...  This is something we will discuss on our 1st Campus Session 1st October.

Read the Handbook - it is actually pretty clear about things. Write a version 1 draft - then version 2 and so on... The writing usually has structure by Version 3? SAVE SAVE SAVE on memory sticks and hard drives...and SAVE some more....

Cite ALL sources using the Harvard method. Colour-code text to make sure in your drafts if you are using quotes from digital sources...

Remember the text you had from 3835 has been assessed - so if you have similar things you want to say - they need to be reworded (also you are talking about things you have done) for the 3861 report.

Joe Pegram is supposed to be blogging on this subject... over to you Joe.

AND everyone- is it time to get blogging again?


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