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Monday, 14 December 2009

Blogsites to check out

Here are some blogsites you may want to visit that have conversations mixed in. REMEMBER - the peer comments are for your to use as you wish for your Final Task D - some people might say something about your piece that has not quite convinced you... so use only the comments you think are useful.

I will add to this Blog - Laura-Beth and I are discussing some clarifications but she is 8 hours behind us in California - so I will put them up when I speak to her.

I am actually on officially on holiday this week and the University closes on Friday the 18th December - it opens 4th January... I know we are not onsite doing this BUT for those who have not posted Task D and/or Task E time is running out. I strongly advise everyone to put something up ASAP - it might be linked to the issue of professionalism - how do you work professionally to meet deadlines? Do you work as a team to do this or individually?

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help...


  1. Hello Paula task D & E do they have sent in the post by the 6th?
    Also does Task E get posted or just sent as an email and hard copy?

  2. Abbi

    This is what Avni's email said - I copied the whole email and it is up on my Blog in November.... Alan and I will be back in the office on 4th January --- Both D (final version) and E (your comments and conversations) copied from Blogs. Laura- Beth reminded me that there is a notional (not a strict rule - more like guidance) word count on E - 3x 200 words- SEE BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON SENDING IN TASKS D AND E

    The deadline date for Task D & E is Wednesday 6th January 2010 by 4pm.

    Hard copies should be handed in to the Cat Hill Student Office or posted to me (please see address below). If you are posting, it is advisable to send your work via recorded delivery.

    I have attached a receipt for your work, please complete and send in with your work, I will then send you confirmation of receipt of your work.

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