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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Check out Adesola's Blog for first half of the workshop

Adesola has put up a good post about the first half of the campus workshop that you have seen in pictures - the pictures are actually read with the meeting up in the circle first - and then the movement! find the Blog here

I also added a comment on Adesola's site - it is repeated here...

In response to Laura-Beth's question.

What Adesola and I did to link this 'kinesthetic' or movement process of conversation to the Tasks was to move into a discussion about the 3 learning styles of visual, audio, and kinesthetic - to using the conventions of academic conversation to think about and respond to the 3 writing styles in Task D... the academic structure is similar to the rules that the Movement exercise provided BUT people need to engage in the process for it to work... in Task E the job is to look at the styles of writing - pick out key points that discuss the content and structure of the Task D - and say something about the piece of writing in the COMMENT BOX that might help the writer clarify certain passages or be clearer in order to communicate ideas.

We did discuss the conventions of academic writing a bit - and luckily the group had really good questions about the process. For example, if 2 or 3 references are used in the writing to explain, back-up or expand upon a point of view, then use the Harvard method to cite these sources... the Harvard method is in the back of the Handbook. Check out for more explanation of the 2nd half of the workshop.

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